The rise of workplace incivility

An fe3 podcast on incivility

A podcast inspired by a recent mindstretch® on incivility in the workplace.

Is incivility a ‘thing’? Or are we all just too sensitive? And what is incivility? To discuss these questions, Karen talks with Fiona Eldridge, Head of Membership from the College of Policing, and Matt Hyde, Chief Executive of the Scouts Association.

Thanks to:

Neil Davey for technical help, and bensound for the music.

A champion of evidence

For many years, fe3 has been a champion of evidence.  Our mindstretch® sessions began in 2002 and we’ve debunked myths, exposed fads and hopefully stretched minds. We believe that as Oscar Wild said – ‘The truth is rarely pure and never simple.’

Because of this, we run mindstretch® sessions. These are events where our guests are asked to contribute their ideas, take part in the discussion and give their experiences. They offer participants a chance to get away from the phones and take some time concentrating on a specific aspect of organisations.

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