A workout for your grey matter – the fe3 mindstretch®

We know you're busy. But we also know the value of being away from the office and the phone, to concentrate on the things that affect your business.

Our mindstretch® sessions are all about giving you that space, that time, and that stimulation. Either with colleagues, or peers from other organisations.

Academia in a nutshell, plus practitioner views

For the mindstretch®, we do all the academic reading that you don't have time for. Then we develop a digest of the interesting bits. At the session, our guests discuss how far academic wisdom ties up with their own experience.

The mindstretch® won't spoon-feed you – we want your active participation. You'll learn as much from other participants as you might from us.

Listen to what mindstretch® participants said about one of our sessions:

Have it your way

We have two formats for mindstretch®, both with their own benefits:

  • Open sessions where participants come from a range of organisations and bring different perspectives. We’ve been running these since we started in business in 2002. These are good for:
    • Creating a wide discussion with lots of differing views
    • Collecting experience from a variety of industries
    • Getting away from your own corporate mindset

  • Bespoke events where we research or update latest thinking on a topic chosen by the client and present it to a group of individuals they select and then facilitate a discussion, leading in most cases, to an action plan. These are good for:
    • Creating a new approach to your organisation’s particular problem
    • Carving out time to deal with a specific issue
    • Focusing on a specific outcome through the action planning and discussion with internal colleagues

Not sure what the mindstretch® is about? Look at an example of a previous session and also consider coming to our next session.