Personalised leader development - your organisation, your leadership

One criticism leveled at leadership development is that it fails to deliver benefit back in the organisation because it uses generic situations. This makes any learning difficult to apply to the real world, back in the office.

fe3 doesn’t work with generic situations. Both our coaching and our development work deals specifically with whatever the individual brings to the table.

If you're tired of the 'same old, same old' in training and development - read on.

Development with a bang - TNT

Welcome to the antidote to generic training which doesn't transfer to the workplace.

Our Tailored Narrative Training (TNT) works on real problems from participants and combines video feedback, peer review and coaching so employees can try out new skills in a safe space before trying them in the workplace.

This ensures training is absolutely relevant as it deals with whatever the participants want to bring to the sessions. Skills input is short, sharp and focused around what participants bring – so content is highly flexible and always appropriate. Applications of TNT have ranged from stakeholder management to confronting poor performance and a variety of interpersonal hurdles.

Small group sizes facilitate individual learning and peer coaching - and the process works.

Improving team conversations

Interactions between team members are the lifeblood of companies. Everything that makes an organisation work – or not – is encapsulated in how people talk to one another. How sure are you that your team conversations are honest, open and of sufficient quality?

Using the Team Conversational Norms Diagnostic™ , fe3’s experienced coaches and facilitators will help leadership and senior teams understand how effectively they talk – to make their interactions authentic and productive.

Executive coaching – development one to one

fe3 offers executive coaching for senior leaders and aspiring managers through a network of experienced coaches who have been there, seen it, and designed the tee-shirts.

Our network has coverage in London and in the North. We’re here to provide a sounding board, a dispassionate view and occasionally, a kick up the rear. We’ve worked in the public sector as well as the private and our level of client goes from CEO to middle-management.


  • Learning and Development Mmanager

    Karen coached me through a difficult part in my career over six months from late 2011 to May 2012.

    I met Karen for an initial chemistry meeting at a point where I was feeling under-confident, exhausted and considering leaving my job. After an hour drinking coffee and getting some very helpful (and free) coaching from Karen, I signed up for three more sessions and Karen's coaching has been genuinely life-changing for me.

    Karen has a friendly, positive, upbeat manner combined with an assertive approach which does not let you get away with anything. I really needed both supporting and pushing, and Karen delivered this in spades. The first couple of sessions were really tough, but really made me see that there were some patterns and behaviours that I need to change.

    Karen listens, asks powerful questions, offers alternative ways of seeing situations and makes the coachee responsible for their own career. She also records conversations and sends you incredibly helpful and eye-opening summaries of what you said and what this might mean, which really highlight where you might be stuck.

    Having worked with Karen for six months, I feel so much more confident. I have my work-life balance in check, I am much more assertive, I am really enjoying my job and people keep telling me how great I look! I'd highly recommend Karen as a coach.

    Learning and Development Mmanager / Global Oil Company
  • MD

    I just wanted to say thank you again for all your time, research and advice and for the wealth of experience and insight which you brought to our meetings.

    With your help I found that I was able to stand back, probably for the first time, and take a long, hard objective look at my activities and behaviour in my business and also how they impact on my personal life and aspirations – and vice versa. In the relatively short time we were together we were, I feel, able to explore a surprisingly broad range of topics, from my to-do list and briefcase contents to how my private life affects the whole business and the people working for me – an impressive achievement!

    Throughout, I thought you struck the perfect balance of coaching style, managing to ‘extract’ a great deal of information from me, while not pressurising me in any way; you were always so careful to let me protect anything that I may have felt uncomfortable to relay in explicit detail. I found the sessions relaxing and easy…

    The end result has been that I have a clearer picture of myself in terms of the company and, most importantly, the more critical activities (and ‘conversations’) that need to take place in order that my, and the company’s future are directed in the best and most satisfying way possible in a timely framework.

    So, thank you again, for all your help Karen. I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone.

    MD / Precision Engineering Company
  • Senior Manager

    I'd like to thank you for all your help and advice which have enabled me to move out of a position where I felt stuck into one where I feel much better equipped to move forward.

    Senior Manager / International Bank