We’re not just about communication – we’re also about action. We can help your senior management not only to talk the talk through change, but also to walk the walk .

So the narrative we help you create is compelling because it’s authentic, rather than manufactured. We believe that this is how you take people with you through change.


...for a changing world

Change involves organisations making choices. So you need to communicate the options, but do more. Communication is more than just transmitting information, it’s about:

  • Dialogue
  • Facilitating understanding
  • Getting beneath the skin of those affected

We think that effective communication can sometimes be uncomfortable. We’re here to help you have courageous conversations, that matter and effect change.

Change Communication


speak louder than words

We believe that nothing tells a stronger story than what’s done.

No amount of intranets, videos, presentations or tweets will convince people that a message is worth listening to unless they see it in action, modelled by senior colleagues.

So we offer coaching and leadership development to get under the skin of the words, to make them real through behaviours and actions.

Leadership Development

Improving your critical thinking

Getting to uncommon sense

Because we strive to be evidence-based, we like to keep an eye on the latest research. However, many of the answers are within the organisation. So our development programmes focus on the individual strengths of your employees, adding new information here and there.

We blend evidence-based techniques from psychology and learning development, bringing new approaches to old problems of behaviour and change.

Critical thinking