TNT – or Tailored Narrative Training to give it its full title, is a combination of storytelling, personal journalling, coaching, video role play and short skills input. We design several development days to be delivered over a number of weeks so people have the opportunity to try out new skills in the workplace and come back to the group to debrief.

We recognise that people don’t like “acting” in role plays – so we get them to play themselves in a real situation. Their stories form the basis of a role play which is developed specifically for them. For this reason, participants need to attend with current, immediate issues they want to deal with.

TNT enables transfer of the skills as it provides:

  • Skills (and a trial run for using them)
  • A ready-made real opportunity to use them
  • An opportunity to discuss the outcome and learn from it
  • We’ve found the process very powerful – and so have many of our participants. See below...


    • Assistant Court Manager
      Karen, just wanted to thank you again for a great course! And have had my first success. It seems strange to say but thanks for giving me the permission to get tough!!
      Assistant Court Manager
    • Senior Operations Manager
      I just wanted to update you on where I have got to with my issue. Your coaching/training/eye opening experience worked! It has helped me deal with the poor performance in a new way, changing my behaviour with some interesting results. I have issued a warning for poor performance for my individual and three weeks later the individual decided they would like to down grade. I am now trying to find them a post at a lower grade.
      Senior Operations Manager
    • Senior Operations Manager
      Just a short e-mail to thank you for the incredible training this week. I fear that the feedback session at the end yesterday did not reflect adequately the quality and usefulness of the course. I think I was most impressed by the way that you both had clearly spent quite some time engaging with the scenarios that your delegates presented, creating what became effectively a bespoke course for each of us.
      Senior Operations Manager
    • Zoe Birch
      These events were quite high-risk for a mainly traditional organisation such as MoJ, but were unique in that they offered delegates a chance to get individualised attention and input, rather than a 'one-size fits all' generic training event. These have been a great success, with delegates reporting real shifts in their thinking and post-event behaviour back in their 'day jobs'. For example, “the story board was wonderful, with the support and feedback from the facilitator, the experience was so much better because it was real” and “the role play and video playback were like a road to Damascus”.

      As well as the positive results for delegates and the organisation, working with Karen has been a real pleasure -she's creative, yet grounded, highly committed and conscientious and not afraid to challenge. She also brings a wealth of knowledge and skill.
      Zoe Birch / Senior Learning Consultant, JusticeAcademy