The mother of invention – creativity: an fe3 mindstretch® podcast

Doing more with less

Public service employers are straining to cope with demand, needing to do more, with a lot less. It seems obvious that what worked previously is unlikely to work now.  Employers are demanding creativity from their employees. But are they offering the right environment for new ideas? How does innovation ‘land’?

In the private sector too, technology is impacting business strategy, people management, customer service. These organisations also need to develop new approaches. In the case of technology, organisations need to innovate – or die.

A call for creativity

We looked in our June session at individual and organisational creativity. In the session, we considered if everyone was creative and if organisations can encourage new ideas and if so, how. We asked about the role of leaders in developing a creative organisational climate.

Emma Wootton, Director of Surethought and long-time associate of fe3, guided participants through The NOODLE Plan; a simple, but highly effective process for getting to creative solutions. This used a real issue, provided by TfL. Our podcast tells us what they thought of the results and offers some thoughts about leadership when encouraging creativity.

We’d like to thank Emma Wootton, TfL’s Simon Williams, Head of Business Change Project Management for their sterling contributions. Thanks also to Neil Davey, for his technical help and to bensound for the music.

A champion of evidence

For many years, fe3 has been a champion of evidence.  Our mindstretch® sessions began in 2002 and we’ve debunked myths, exposed fads and hopefully stretched minds. We believe that as Oscar Wild said – ‘The truth is rarely pure and never simple.’

Because of this, we run mindstretch® sessions. These are events where our guests are asked to contribute their ideas, take part in the discussion and give their experiences. They offer participants a chance to get away from the phones and take some time concentrating on a specific aspect of organisations.

Interested in joining us?

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